American Energy Efficiency Company works with both public and private educational facilities to evaluate their current energy demand and devise methods to increase efficiency and reduce their overall energy consumption. By implementing energy conservation measures, educational institutions will reduce their overall carbon footprint, lower energy costs and create a sustainable, cleaner environment that provides a much better learning experience for the student body. Studies have shown that certain types of lighting (i.e. fluorescent lighting) can cause hyperactivity, fatigue and irritability in some students, therefore upgrading lighting to LED can reduce these effects while also reducing lighting costs by more than 40%.

Other energy conservation measures that AEECI typically installs include HVAC controls that schedule the use of energy based on occupancy in classrooms, sports facilities, office spaces and cafeterias and improvements to chilled water and steam systems.

Occasionally through the course of completing our ECM projects AEECI have corrected deficiencies that have existed in the facility for a long time resulting in more accurate data collection and space conditioning.