Case Studies

Town of Foxborough, MA – Public Safety Building

  • Project Costs: $67,361.10
  • Incentive: $31,809.75
  • Customer Cost: $35,551.35
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 105,391 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $15,809.10
  • Estimated Payback: 2.25 Years
  • ROI: 44.47%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  34.5  17.92
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 221,764  116,372
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $33,265 $17,456

Description: AEECI was directed by officials in the Town of Foxborough to conduct an energy audit of The Public Safety Building. The building was newly constructed in 2009, however upon review of the energy audit AEECI discovered significant savings were achievable from upgrading the lighting to LED.

The project consisted of the retrofit/replacement of the existing interior lighting, including high/low bay linear fluorescent fixtures, recessed troffer and down light fixtures. As the facility operates 24/7 AEECI needed to be conscious of this and were able to work efficiently to ensure disruption and down time were kept at a minimum.

The project was completed on time and within budget, and the customer was able to reduce their lighting energy costs by approximately 48%.

William J. Day Boulevard, Boston MA – Roadway Lighting Upgrade

  • Project Costs: $43,531.25 (Fixture Supply Only)
  • Incentive: $18,750
  • Customer Cost: $24,781.25
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 107,857.50 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $16,178.63
  • Estimated Payback: 1.53 Years
  • ROI: 44.47%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  36.88  12.25
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 161,512.50  53,655
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $24,226.88 $8,048.25

Description:  AEECI was contracted by EVERSOURCE Energy to supply LED streetlights to upgrade the roadway lighting on William J. Day Boulevard in Boston.

To reduce costs, EVERSOURCE used their own in-house electricians to complete the installation. Once completed roadway light levels were increased and the color rendering index (CRI) was improved dramatically.

Town of Marblehead, MA – DPW Buildings

  • Project Costs: $56,808
  • Incentive: N/A.
  • Customer Cost: $56,808
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 39,574 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $5,936.11
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  28.04 kW  15.36 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 87,485  47,911
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $13,123 $7,187

Description: AEECI went through the procurement process and were awarded the lighting upgrade project on the basis of being the lowest qualified bidder. The project was originally specified to be upgraded with fluorescent lighting, however after discussion with AEECI the Town realized the benefits (energy savings and improved light levels) of upgrading to LED lighting.

The project was completed ahead of time and on budget and The Town was very satisfied with the noticeable improvements.

Ristuccia Arena, Wilmington MA

  • Project Costs: $38,745
  • Incentive: $20,000
  • Customer Cost: $18,745
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 35,821 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $6,447.82
  • Estimated Payback: 2.9 Years
  • ROI: 34%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  24.92kW  15.46 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 94,322  58,501
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $16,978 $10,530

Description: Ristuccia Arena is a high profile ice rink and is used by multiple teams, both amateur and professional. Given the high volume of use, the rink energy consumption was a concern for the rink manager, however meeting the needs of the users was paramount. Thus AEECI was tasked with determining a solution to reduce energy consumption, while still maintaining the rinks functionality.

AEECI focused on a proposal to upgrade the lighting to LED, and were able to achieve a reduction in energy consumption of over 35,000 kWh’s. In addition to this AEECI were also able to increase the rink light levels by over 30% giving the rink light levels similar to professional ice-rinks (100 foot-candles).



Sunapee Middle-High School, Sunapee NH

  • Project Costs: $124,127
  • Incentive: $31,350
  • Customer Cost: $92,777
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 117,718 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $19,070
  • Estimated Payback: 4.05 Years
  • ROI: 24.67%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  76.42kW  39.05 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 240,719  123,001
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $38,996 $19,926

Description: AEECI visited the SAU 85 offices to explore the many benefits associated with a conversion of traditional lighting at the Sunapee Middle High School (SMHS) to high efficiency LED lighting. The possibility of making the conversion without capital expenditure was a key point in the discussion. Financing plans and incentive rebates available through the utility company, as well as the purchasing power provided by AEECI, would make it possible for this project to be implemented without any up-front-expense.

A presentation was conducted a school board meeting outlining the project (i.e. associated costs, savings, etc.) facts related to energy conservation, LED light quality, LED equipment life expectancy and product warranties. Additional information was offered on financing and rebates, and many questions were asked by the board. The proposal was approved at that meeting and the plan went into motion.

The improvements, however, are not simply financial and environmental; the LED lighting quality is extraordinary. Utilizing photometric calculations, AEECI recommended fixtures that would provide a balanced blanket of light. Flickering associated with fluorescent lighting is eliminated, and maintenance charges associated with replacement of fluorescent tubes and ballasts is significantly reduced. Fluorescent tube or HID bulb failure occurs at approximately 15,000 hours of operating time, possibly less. DLC listed LED lighting equipment is rated for 50,000+ hours. The LED life expectancy is 3.3 times longer than that of fluorescent or high intensity discharge lamps.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, fixtures and lamps were systematically installed throughout the SMHS and the installation was completed on-time for the new school year. The town of Sunapee now enjoys a 47% reduction in the costs associated with lighting at the SMHS.

Eagle Heights Church, Revere MA

  • Project Costs: $11,411
  • Incentive: $6,600
  • Customer Cost: $4,811
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 13,757kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $2,339
  • Estimated Payback: 1.74 Years
  • ROI: 73%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  15.01 kW  3.55 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 18,568  4,811
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $3,156 $818

Description: Eagle Heights Church was having severe problems with their lighting. Firstly they were concerned with the high energy costs of the existing HID fixtures, while they were also sound issues as the lighting was emitting high level noise interfering with the sound quality within the theater.

AEECI were approached to determine an adequate solution that would solve both problems. New, highly efficient (> 100 lm/W), high-bay LED fixtures were installed that reduced energy consumption by almost 75% while dramatically improving the quality of light in the church. Additionally the noise issue was completely eliminated, which dramatically improved the acoustical properties of the facility.

Anton’s Dry Cleaners - Massachusetts & New Hampshire

  • 29 Stores retrofitted to date
  • Project Costs: $128,089
  • Incentive: $39,410
  • Customer Cost: $88,679
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 351,896 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $66,342
  • Estimated Payback: 1.33 Years
  • ROI: 75%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  15.01 kW  3.55 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 680,543  328,647
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $128,301 $61,959

Description: Anton’s Dry Cleaners currently owns and operates 44 stores throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Given their size and type of business Anton’s are very conscious of their energy consumption, associated costs, and their overall environmental impact.

They are continually looking for ways to reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint. Anton’s met with AEECI, and several other ESCO’s, to discuss possible energy conservation measures. After conducting several audits it was concluded that a systematic lighting upgrade would offer the greatest reduction in energy consumption and shortest return on investment for Anton’s Dry Cleaners.

After receiving several proposals, Anton’s selected AEECI to carry out the LED upgrades. Their decision was based on the competitive pricing (resulting in the shortest payback), experience, proposed lighting design(s), product quality and availability.

Currently 29 of the largest stores have been retrofitted and Anton’s Dry Cleaners are already saving over $65,000 annually in their electricity costs. Plans are in place to upgrade the lighting in the remaining stores and to develop other energy conservation measures to implement that can further assist in increasing efficiency and reducing consumption.

Mason & Hamlin – Haverhill, MA

  • Project Costs: $67,908
  • Incentive: $47,536
  • Customer Cost: $20,372
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 135,159 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $22,318 (Including maintenance savings)
  • Estimated Payback: 0.91 Years
  • ROI: 110
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  94.32 kW  43.65 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 251,496  116,336
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $37,724 $17,450


Description: Mason & Hamlin own a large seven story piano manufacturing facility in Haverhill. AEECI reached out to M & H to discuss potential energy conservation measures at their facility, while also discussing an initiative from National Grid called “The Customer Directed Option” that (depending on the savings) allows customers to avail of an incentive that covers up to 70% of the project costs.

After conducting a thorough audit of the facility, AEECI determined a suitable LED lighting design that offered over 50% in lighting energy savings. These savings were verified by National Grid which meant that the project qualified for an incentive worth 70% of the project cost. AEECI were additionally able to finance the balance of the project, meaning there were no out of pocket costs to the customer.

AEECI’s electricians were able to complete the project in less than 3 weeks, with minimal disruption to the facility. Along with the significant reduction in operating expenses, the quality of light has dramatically improved and has received positive feedback from the entire workforce.

Babson Skating Center – Babson College

  • Project Costs: $15,710
  • Incentive: $N/A
  • Customer Cost: $15,710
  • Annual Savings (KWH): 21,199 kWh’s
  • Annual Savings ($): $2,951.78 (Including maintenance savings)
  • Estimated Payback: 5.32 Years
  • ROI: 19%
Before After
Connected Load (kW)  14.74 kW  9.9 kW
Annual kWh Usage (kWh) 64,561  43,362
Annual Lighting Costs ($)  $7,618 $5,117

Description: Representatives at Babson College were unhappy with the levels (foot-candles) and quality of light at the Babson Skating Center. Babson decided to procure proposals from vendors to upgrade the lighting over the rink, with the hope of dramatically increasing the light levels.

AEECI submitted a competitive proposal that included highly efficient (> 100 lm/W) LED fixtures, that increased light levels by over 50%, and incorporated a programmable control panel that will allow the fixtures to be dimmed (manually or at pre-set times) and turned on/off at preset times.

The project was awarded to AEECI. The turnaround time for the project was short and an aggressive schedule was set forth in an effort to have the upgrades completed before the start of the new school year. AEECI, in association with its manufacturers and installers, were able to meet this schedule and the project was completed on time.

Babson College personnel now enjoy a much better skating experience, while the college was also able to realize modest energy savings and will manage to obtain a return on their investment.